Focus Areas: Field Services

The service industry is rapidly moving from a pure product focus to a customer outcome-based focus. New customer expectations, new models, and new capabilities will put tremendous pressure on today’s field services organizations to adapt, be relevant, and continue to deliver a key revenue stream for their companies.


At TSIA we help our members by providing assessments of their business through our validated benchmarking process, frameworks for best-of-breed operations, recommendations for actions and best practices, and exceptional networking with industry peers. Understanding the new capabilities required in the future while continuing to deliver today’s results will separate the winners from the losers in field services.

Free Research Report

Every year, TSIA conducts a global services technology survey. We have compiled the results of this year's survey in the 2014 TSIA Heatmap, a popular annual report tracking the adoption of technology and tools in field services organizations.




FS Research Leader

Vele Galovski


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Heading up our FS research practice is seasoned services industry veteran Vele Galovski, vice president of FS Research and Advisory.


Top Field Services Business Issues:

Our detailed analysis of the marketplace has identified a top set of FS business issues that we address through our research program:


1. Creating differentiated FS offers that increase customer value.
2. Leveraging product usage and consumption analytics to improve service offers.
3. Developing compensation models to drive growth.
4. Talent management strategies to enhance retention of FS staff.
5. Improving FS customer satisfaction ratings.
6. Identifying KPI’s and performance levels of field services organizations.
7. Reducing spare parts and logistics costs.
8. Optimizing the selection, operation, and refresh of your vehicle fleet.
9. Implementing proactive and preventive technologies to expedite problem resolution.
10. Outsourcing field service operations to a 3rd party provider.
11. Maximizing productivity through mobility tools.
12. Applying a knowledge management platform for FS optimization.
13. Key security and privacy considerations for FS organizations.
14. Identifying the top installed CRM / Field Service Management platforms.
15. Leveraging Social Media best practices for customer support.