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Thomas Pridham

SVP, Global Accounts & Advisory Services

Tom Pridham is the senior vice president global accounts and advisory services for TSIA. In this role, he and his team are responsible for helping TSIA member companies accelerate achievement of their priority business outcomes by leveraging TSIA’s thought leadership, industry insights, frameworks and best practices in context of the member companies desired business objectives.

As market conditions change rapidly, the need for TSIA research has moved to the “Essential” category for most companies because they are being forced to make more decisions faster than any time in their history. Whether your needs are to invest quickly in new capabilities to deliver and support offers remotely, devote more time to research, strategy & planning or you are changing offer portfolios and pricing to meet current state customer pressures, TSIA is a partner resource to be relied upon. Tom’s team is focused on helping member companies better leverage from TSIA’s real time pulse on industry trends and how to use the data and insights in the context of known business challenges or opportunities.

Thomas Pridham