Martin Dove

VP, Subscription Sales Research

Martin Dove is the vice president of subscription sales research for TSIA and brings a unique set of experiences and insights on outcome-based selling and subscription sales methodologies. In this role, he works with TSIA members to help them navigate the journey to being more outcome-based in the way they sell and to optimize their organization’s sales of subscription, or “as a service” offers, to both new and existing customers.

Martin Dove

Martin Dove Talks About Subscription Sales

Strategic Services Journey Map

Top Subscription Sales Strategic Services Engagements

  • Moving to a Supplier-Led Sales Model
  • Improving Subscription Sales Win Rates
  • Establishing a Strategy for Subscription Selling
  • Organizing for Subscription Sales
  • Optimizing Sales Management for Selling Subscription Offers
  • KPIs and Compensation Models for Subscription Selling
  • Changes to the Channel When Selling Subscriptions

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