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Jeremy Blanton

Director, Managed Services Research

Jeremy Blanton is the director of managed services research for TSIA. In his role, Jeremy is responsible for leading and delivering TSIA member organizations with operational best practices, fact-based education, and insight into the performance and operations of their managed services business.

Top Managed Services Advisory Engagements

  • Defining a Managed Services Organization Structure
  • Business Drivers for Managed Services
  • Managed Services Relation to XaaS
  • Creating an Executable and Measurable Managed Services Strategy
  • From On-Premise to Managed Services
  • Managed Services vs. Professional and Support Services
  • Managed Services Operational Processes
  • Managed Services Tools and Platforms
  • Managed Services P&L Governance
  • Customer Engagement for Managed Services Clients

Research and Webinars

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Research Report

Hard Denial

The journey that technology companies with on-premise, disconnected offers need to make to become more competitive in today’s marketplace.


Trends Reshaping Managed Services: Your Guide to Becoming a Rockstar

Learn how you can define, plan, and build your path to become a Managed Services Rockstar business in a very competitive environment.


Inside Managed Services Maturity Models

Based on recent research, gain instant insights from our Managed Services Maturity Model on how to grow and sustain your business.

Research Report

Avoid 5 Common Managed Services Mistakes

In this ebook, we'll outline common pitfalls and offer tips for establishing a successful managed services business.

White Papers

Five Key Practices of a Successful Managed Services Provider

This report outlines the five managed services key practices essential for a successful managed services provider.

Research Report

The Case for Customer Success in Managed Services

This report details how sales and support can work together within the LAER framework to help transform managed services growth.

Research Report

Defining Managed Services

This report defines what managed services are, their value to a company’s clients, and how offering them can give the company P&L a boost.


Planning for Innovations in Managed Services Offers

As a Managed Services provider, how do you effectively plan for innovation? Due to the acceleration of XaaS and Managed Services solutions, . . .


How DevOps Plays Cupid for Product Management and Managed Services

Product Management’s role is to know the pulse of the customer, most particularly their use cases and their directional business needs with the goal . . .


Designing the Delivery Platform of the Future

As the world continues to accelerate the shift to XaaS models, operations teams are being driven by the four P’s of next gen Delivery: Proactive, . . .


Powering Managed Services with IBM Watson

In a world where data is becoming more and more ubiquitous, how can you harness the power of Artificial Intelligence and extreme automation to turn . . .


Take Your Managed Services to a Billion Dollars: Growing past $100M

This session will focus on growth beyond 25% year over year, pivoting your Managed Services to Managed XaaS, developing and growing pipeline, and . . .