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Jeremy Blanton

Sr. Director, Managed Services Research

Jeremy Blanton is the senior director of managed services research for TSIA. In his role, Jeremy is responsible for leading and delivering TSIA member organizations with operational best practices, fact-based education, and insight into the performance and operations of their managed services business.

Top Managed Services Advisory Engagements

  • Defining a Managed Services Organization Structure
  • Business Drivers for Managed Services
  • Managed Services Relation to XaaS
  • Creating an Executable and Measurable Managed Services Strategy
  • From On-Premise to Managed Services
  • Managed Services vs. Professional and Support Services
  • Managed Services Operational Processes
  • Managed Services Tools and Platforms
  • Managed Services P&L Governance
  • Customer Engagement for Managed Services Clients

Research and Webinars

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The Digital Operations and Customer Experience Platform

This paper will help lay out the path forward for a successful digital transformation.


The State of Managed Services 2022

Learn about the rapid separation of managed services providers and the practices and outcomes dividing them into two classes.

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The State of Managed Services: 2022

Annual report that provides guidance on where the greatest investments are to be made for managed services organizations for the current year.

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Managed Services Delivery Maturity Survey Results

This survey assesses the development of advanced MS delivery practices, how they mature, and their impacts on business health and operational metrics.


How to Become a Pro in Service Readiness

Discover what the data has to tell us about how you can define, plan, and build your path to become a pro in service readiness.


3 Levers to Accelerate Your XaaS Transformation with Managed Services

The market continues to rotate towards XaaS at a break-neck pace. TSIA is seeing many of our members leveraging muscles they’ve already build in . . .

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Hard Denial

The journey that technology companies with on-premise, disconnected offers need to make to become more competitive in today’s marketplace.


Trends Reshaping Managed Services: Your Guide to Becoming a Rockstar

Learn how you can define, plan, and build your path to become a Managed Services Rockstar business in a very competitive environment.


Defining Managed Services Webinar 2017

Find out how TSIA defines the continuum of offers known as managed services, including: monitor, operate, optimize, transform, and managed XaaS.


Inside Managed Services Maturity Models

Based on recent research, gain instant insights from our Managed Services Maturity Model on how to grow and sustain your business.