TSIA Consulting Alliance Partners

About TSIA Consulting Alliance Partners (CAP)

Seek additional help with business strategy, marketing, sales, and portfolio development from our community of experts.

TSIA Consulting Alliance Partners are thought leaders who bring their unique expertise and industry know-how to our membership community. Take a look at our extensive list of Consulting Alliance Partners and their qualifications to see how they can help you achieve your goals in alignment with TSIA research and best practices.

  • Annuity-Management Group

    Annuity-Management Group

    Annuity-Management Group specialises in revenue lifecycle management and customer success management solutions for technology providers. As a highly specialised service provider for recurring revenues, (“annuities”), Annuity-Management offers comprehensive set of end-to-end solutions for service revenue management that increase renewals of maintenance, support and subscription agreements. For more information, see www.annuity-management.com.

    Primary Specialities: Expand Selling, Service Revenue Generation

  • Channel Impact

    Channel Impact

    Channel Impact is a full-service channel specialty firm for technology companies who want to drive incremental sales, at high profit, through best-in-class partnering. We deliver services to enhance your channel strategy, solutions to empower your partners and tools to measure your results.What makes us unique is our practical, first-hand experience in partnering. Our team has worked in the channel for leading technology companies, distributors, resale partners, and channel analysts.We’ll help you build and execute a winning partner strategy, design and maximize your programs, enable a channel for results, optimize operational excellence, analyze and measure a channel’s impact on business, partner with leading channel ecosystem companies for incentives, partner portal platforms, and other services.

    Primary Specialities: Customer Success

  • CLD Partners

    CLD Partners

    CLD Partners, the premier FinancialForce partner since 2011, has delivered some of the most successful FinancialForce implementations. CLD’s expertise in business process improvement combined with a proven delivery methodology (and reusable asset framework) allows CLD to provide valuable insight and best practices for FinancialForce implementations.

    Primary Specialities: Customer Success, Professional Services

  • CSM Practice, Inc.

    CSM Practice, Inc.

    CSM Practice is a boutique consulting firm specializing in Customer Success Management services to companies that place a high priority on delivering excellence in customer experience. We offer customer success certification programs, strategy services, as well as Gainsight AdminPro services.

    Primary Specialities: Customer Success, Professional Services

  • DB Kay & Associates

    DB Kay & Associates

    DB Kay provides consulting and training in KCSSM, the best practice for knowledge management for customer success and support organizations. They also lead self-service design efforts, voice of the customer programs, and customer experience journey mapping.

    Primary Specialities: Customer Success, Support Services

  • FT Works

    FT Works

    FT Works helps technology improve support and customer success along the Five Layers of Support (SM): Offerings, Processes, People, Tools, and Metrics.

    Primary Specialities: Customer Success, Support Services


  • Global Partners, Inc.

    Global Partners, Inc.

    Global Partners, Inc. is an international Training and People Development firm that focuses on helping client organizations to grow their businesses worldwide. Global Partners helps clients differentiate in the field of developing Trusted Business Partner relationships with their customers.

    Primary Specialities: Customer Success, Field Services

  • Klever


    Klever is an award-winning, next generation Customer Support Optimization software & services company.

    Primary Specialities: Customer Success Support Services

  • LIFTinnovate


    LIFTinnovate is a business development consulting company with technology selling in our DNA. We help design and drive lifecycle and adoption programs for large channel-driven technology companies, and fuel enterprise transformation by developing innovations with disruptive startups and leading change agents.

    Primary Specialities: Customer Success, Education Services

  • Method Garage

    Method Garage

    Method Garage helps B2B technology companies reimagine their customer onboarding experiences to accelerate time to value, drive account expansion, remediate churn, and reduce cost to serve. We move beyond the data to uncover what the journey looks like from your customers’ perspective. Then, we help you fix it.

    Primary Specialities: Customer Success, Education Services

  • NewLeaf Partners Europe

    NewLeaf Partners Europe

    NewLeaf Partners is a global sales and marketing consulting and training firm dedicated to helping organizations achieve their revenue goals. They focus on businesses that offer complex or intangible products and services and solutions that are in industries undergoing dramatic change, such as information technology, telecommunications, software, hardware and professional services.

    Primary Specialities: Expand Selling, Service Revenue Generation

  • nVision Consulting Group

    nVision Consulting Group

    nVision Consulting Group optimizes the strategic, financial, and operational performance of our clients’ service lines of business.  From vision to execution to tangible business results, nVision’s proven, scalable, and digitized approach to service revenue generation can accelerate your ability to manage and monetize your entire customer lifecycle.

    Primary Specialities: Customer Success

  • Pretium Partners

    Pretium Partners

    Pretium enables sales and service organizations to sell business outcomes. They leverage competency assessments, predictive analytics and their proven Value Assessment Methodology to help clients build high value sales teams. They teach clients to identify and articulate their real business value and how to build a business case that explains it.

    Primary Specialities: Expand Selling, Professional Services

  • RTM Consulting

    RTM Consulting

    RTM Consulting provides strategic and operational advisory services designed to increase revenue and grow margins. Specializing in global resource management, project/portfolio and knowledge management, and services business optimization, they help IT hardware, software, and pure consulting companies achieve the benefits associated with successful services portfolios.

    Primary Specialities: Field Services, Professional Services

  • ServiceLaunch


    ServiceLaunch is a consulting services and solutions company specializing in enterprise technology services. Our team brings a unique blend of both technology-manufacturer services experience and independent consulting expertise to resolve your specific services business challenge. Our areas of expertise include; developing compelling service strategies, driving services sales growth, transforming and scaling your services delivery organization.

    Primary Specialities: Professional Services

  • TOP Step Consulting, LLC

    TOP Step Consulting, LLC

    TOP Step Consulting improves business efficiency and productivity for professional services business operations. Their experts have extensive experience in professional services business operations, project management, and professional services automation with both local and global professional services organizations.

    Primary Specialities: Professional Services

  • Value and Pricing Partners

    Value and Pricing Partners

    Value and Pricing Partners provides high-impact interventions and essential resources for companies to develop and sustain their strategic pricing capabilities. Problems they solve include: low profit business models (e.g. SaaS), weak offerings & value props, low value capture, aggressive price competition, and high discounting.

    Primary Specialities: Expand Selling, Service Revenue Generation

  • Valuize Consulting

    Valuize Consulting

    Valuize Consulting helps B2B SaaS companies and their partners/resellers retain and expand more revenue and customers. Negative revenue churn, lower customer retention costs, more efficient customer acquisition and higher customer LTV are delivered through the synthesis of our clients' customer acquisition, retention and expansion strategies via Adoption Methodologies. The Adoption Methodologies we design, build and integrate with our clients provide scalable, repeatable and measurable formulas that achieve and maintain recurring value realization in their customer cohorts.

    Primary Specialities: Customer Success, Expand Selling

  • VMI Collective

    VMI Collective

    VMI Collective is a change management and enablement company working with organisations around the world to design practical go-to-market strategies and co-execute programs that deliver measurable outcomes. We are a global collective of enablement experts that help in crafting Vision, deliver outcome based Momentum activities that lead to measurable Impact. We offer clients proven, tailored initiatives that enhance their employee, partner and customer experiences.

    Primary Specialities: Expand Selling, Service Revenue Generation

  • Waterstone Management Group

    Waterstone Management Group

    Waterstone Management Group helps technology companies and investors create measurable value by identifying and capitalizing on disruptive growth opportunities and by driving excellence in services, cloud, and customer success performance. Their expertise-driven approach is a unique blend of strategic consulting and executive-level operating experience designed to deliver high-velocity strategy and execution.

    Primary Specialities: Customer Success, Service Revenue Generation