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On Demand Webinar

TSIA Webinar: How Sales, Marketing and Services Can Work Together to Drive Customer Growth

Your services delivery teams interact with customers at a rate of 5-15X as often as sales. These conversations provide a tremendous opportunity to generate leads, provide education, and present offers to existing customers. However, most sales and marketing organizations overlook these valuable touchpoints.

Listen to TSIA’s VP of Expand Selling, Steve Frost, during this 30-minute on-demand webinar, where he’ll challenge you with a new way of thinking, including:

  • The ways that services touchpoints should be factored into current marketing models.
  • How services delivery teams can utilize their Relationship Equity to uncover strategic opportunities.
  • The math that shows services-generated leads are the most cost-effective source of leads you can find – as low as $7 per lead.

Register today so you can start leveraging these valuable touchpoints to generate growth within the context of helping your customers solve problems. Don’t miss this opportunity.

Presented By:

Steve Frost

VP Research, Expand Selling, TSIA

Publish Date: June 1, 2017