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TSIA Webinar: Digital Learning: What’s It All About?

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Digital learning. Now that’s a loaded subject. What do we mean by digital learning? How are learners’ consumption habits influencing the digital learning landscape? What happens to instructor-led training in a digital world? What about monetization of digital content?

In March 2017, TSIA conducted a digital learning summit with the intent of answering these questions, and more, to establish common and best practices in the digital learning space.

In this on-demand webinar, Maria Manning-Chapman, TSIA’s VP Research, Education Services, will discuss the following:

  • Intent or objective of digital learning
  • Social platforms in digital learning
  • Badging to drive engagement in digital learning specifically, and learning in general
  • Monetizing digital offers and the free to fee continuum

That’s a whole lot of digital, but then that’s what customers are asking for. So, be sure to listen in so that you can assess if your digital learning strategy hits the mark.

Presented By:

Maria Manning-Chapman

VP Research, Education Services, TSIA

Publish Date: June 22, 2017