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TSIA Virtual Summit: Transforming your Customer Engagement Model for Growth

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The transformation of the technology industry to subscription and XaaS models is causing major disruption in traditional customer engagement models. The recurring nature of the XaaS business means that Sales teams can no longer close the deal and walk away, leaving Services to figure it out.

Sales, Customer Success, Channel Partners, and Product Management all have revenue goals and targets, and they all interact with the customer throughout the contract lifecycle. So how do you sort out the roles and responsibilities, and grow and renew your customers effectively and efficiently? TSIA’s LAER (Land, Adopt, Expand, Renew) customer engagement model provides the roadmap for how to drive cost-effective revenue growth throughout the customer lifecycle.

This virtual summit will give you some innovative new ideas on topics such as:

  • Understanding how Land, Adopt, Expand and Renew (LAER) all work together
  • Transforming your go-to-market structure with LAER as the roadmap
  • Developing key skills and capabilities across your customer touchpoints
  • The critical practices of adoption
  • Optimizing your renewal process for growth
  • The changing role of channel partners in a XaaS world
There will also be polling, discussion, and Q&A on COVID-19 top issues, including:
  • Top priorities around COVID-19 crisis management
  • The movement to remote work and other new capabilities
  • How COVID-19 is accelerating changes in the channel

Agenda and Speakers:

9:00 AM: The XaaS Transformation and the Need for a New Approach
Steve Frost, VP & Managing Director, Revenue Research and Advisory, TSIA
9:25 AM: The Cisco Go-to-Market Transformation Journey
Ken Trombetta, SVP Go-to-Market Transformation, Cisco Systems and Martin Dove, VP, Subscription Sales Research, TSIA

9:55: Live Q&A
10:05 AM: Three Key Components to a Successful LAER Implementation
Seleste Lunsford, Chief Research Officer, CSO Insights
10:35 AM: The Customer Success and Renewals Handshake
Jack Johnson, VP, Service Revenue Generation Research, TSIA and Mac Guidera, Sr. Director, Customer Success Research, TSIA

10:55 AM: Guiding the Channel Partner Evolution for XaaS Readiness
Anne McClelland, VP, XaaS Channel Optimization Research, TSIA

11:15 AM: Live Q&A 

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Presented By:

Steve Frost

VP & Managing Director, Revenue Research and Advisory, TSIA

Publish Date: March 25, 2020