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The idea of expanding revenues with existing customers is nothing new under the Sun. However, the way technology companies approach profitable revenue expansion has never been as pressing as it is now, given that our industry is experiencing an overall decline in product revenues and a lack of profitability for emerging cloud subscription revenues.

TSIA sees the traditional approaches to new revenue generation giving way to more advanced selling models and motions. This emerging concept is referred to as Expand Selling, and we see it having a transformational impact on technology companies' revenue and profit performance.

Listen to Mark Middlekamp, VP of Research for Expand Selling within TSIA's Service Revenue Generation discipline, as he explores this emerging topic and how tech companies can begin to see revenue expansion through this broader lens.

In this 30-minute On Demand webinar, Mark will address elements of Expand Selling, including:

  • The key role services plays in Expand Selling
  • Exploration of the capabilities companies need to build and deploy
  • Formal definition of Expand Selling
  • TSIA's planned research for 2015

You'll also learn how to participate as a member of TSIA, the leading association focused on building and optimizing successful technology services businesses.

Presented By:

Mark Middlekamp

VP Research_??Expand Selling, Service Revenue Generation, TSIA

Publish Date: January 7, 2015