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On Demand Webinar

Transforming Services with Video: Are You Keeping Up?

Video is certainly the up-and-coming medium for e-learning content. TSIA’s recent Video in Learning Survey reveals that more than 52% of all e-learning titles are now video-based.

It is likely that this number will continue to rise. There are also distinct trends in the usage of video in the world of customer support. More than 30% of TSIA Support members offer a library of “how to” videos on their customer self-service sites, and 18% have a dedicated YouTube channel.

In this joint on-demand webinar, Maria Manning-Chapman, VP Research, Education Services and John Ragsdale, Distinguished VP, Service Technology Research, will discuss how video is being used by education and support services organizations, individually, as well as collaborative uses of video between the two organizations. Listen to this 30-minute on-demand webinar, to learn more about:

  • Usage of video in learning and key metrics, such as average length of video and average view time.
  • Usage of video in customer support to boost deflection rates and lower customer effort scores.
  • How sharing video content between organizations can help drive education revenue, reduce problem resolution time, improve first contact resolution, and enable customer success.

Presented By:

Maria Manning-Chapman

VP Research, Education Services, TSIA

John Ragsdale

Distinguished VP, Service Technology Research, TSIA

Publish Date: July 10, 2018