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Transform Your Industrial Equipment Service Business

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The TSIA Industrial Equipment & Technology 30 Index aggregates and analyzes the financial outcomes of 30 industrial manufacturers quarter to quarter, with an emphasis on trends in the performance of their services lines of business. Industrial equipment & technology (IE&T) manufacturers are typically product centric. This is the reason why they have not yet monetized services as aggressively as other industries.

A lot of IE&T companies are on the way transforming their service business to higher levels. This session will give you insights on:

  • The latest trends in services for IE&T companies. You get the result of TSIA's IE&T 30-Index.
  • How to define the right level of services.
  • Which capabilities are needed to transform your service business.
  • Challenges in aligning the service strategy to the overall company's strategy.

Margins and business models in product companies in the industrial equipment business have been under pressure for years now. Global competition among technology product and equipment manufacturers will only become more intense. don't miss this webinar, register now.

Presented By:

Harald Kopp

Director of Research for Industrial Services, TSIA

Publish Date: March 26, 2014