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On Demand Webinar

Three Marketing Strategies to Accelerate XaaS Success

As technology businesses transition to cloud-based, subscription solutions, the cross-organizational imperative to drive adoption and usage has proven more complex. For CMOs and their teams, this involves a redesign of marketing’s role beyond a “top-of-the-pipeline”-focused function to one that delivers customer value across the full experience, including adoption, expansion, and renewal.

MarketBridge surveyed and interviewed some of the fastest-growing technology companies and marketing leaders on their “land and expand” efforts. To compete in the new economy, product marketers and their counterparts are rethinking positioning, messaging, partner programs, customer experiences, and post-acquisition analytics.

In this webinar, Mike Kelleher and Brice Chaney, Senior Vice Presidents and Technology Vertical Leaders at MarketBridge, review new industry research and benchmarks, and share three key priorities for marketing leaders.

This session will cover:

  • Why 86% of companies say their marketing efforts have become more complex with the pursuit of subscription revenue.
  • The importance of aligning marketing support differently, to direct versus partner channels.
  • Pivoting persona-based messaging to new line-of-business decision makers.
  • Extending key marketing motions across the entire customer journey.
  • Redefining the metrics and analytic programs required for marketing optimization.


Presented By:

John Ragsdale

Distinguished Researcher, VP Technology Ecosystems, TSIA

Mike Kelleher

Senior Vice President, MarketBridge

Brice Chaney

Senior Vice President, MarketBridge

Publish Date: August 31, 2022