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The State of Managed Services: The Time is Now

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The tech market is changing. Product companies, both hardware and software, have plateaued. Most tech companies are facing either flat or declining product revenues. Services revenues, once thought of as the profit engine for companies, have flattened as well.

As a result, most companies are looking for a new, yet profitable growth engine. "The Cloud" represents growth, yet with little to no profit. However, many companies are starting to discover that managed services (MS) are offing strong growth opportunities with more profitability than most thought possible. Some are even discovering that managed services are a great stepping stone towards the cloud.

Listen to George Humphrey, VP Research, Managed Services, as he digs into the following topics every tech CEO needs to understand about managed services:

  • Major trends affecting managed services in 2016
  • Why MS -- when executed well -- is so profitable
  • How to build a successful MS business

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Peg Rodarmel, SVP, Subscription Services, Infor

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