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On Demand Webinar

The Secrets to Fueling Product Adoption with In-App Guidance

A frictionless digital customer experience (DCX) is becoming ever more critical in the quest to drive product adoption. In-application guidance (also known as in-product performance support) is a vastly underutilized tool that can ease friction, and by consequence, drive adoption. So, why is it that fewer than 30% of customer training organizations and 55% of product management teams leverage in-application guidance to fuel their goals?

During this webinar, Laura Fay, VP & Managing Director, Offers Research and Advisory, and Maria Manning-Chapman, Distinguished VP, Education Services Research, unfold a maturity framework for an effective in-application guidance strategy backed by industry data and case examples, and address the 4 “hows”...

  1. How in-application guidance fosters product adoption
  2. How in-application guidance fuels product-led growth
  3. How in-application guidance benefits the business agendas of both the Education Services and the Product Management teams
  4. How to get started on your in-application guidance journey, based on your state of in-app guidance maturity


Presented By:

Laura Fay

VP & Managing Director, Offers Research and Advisory, TSIA

Maria Manning-Chapman

Distinguished VP, Education Services Research, TSIA

Publish Date: September 28, 2022