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The ROI of Building a Powerful Employee Culture

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Join us March 28, 2019

9:00 AM PT / 12:00 PM ET

Sessions and Speakers (full agenda coming soon!):

  • John Ragsdale, Distinguished VP, Service Technology Research, TSIA (moderator)
  • Judith Platz, VP, Support Services Research, TSIA
  • Using AI for a More Engaging Employee Experience, Sheerine Reid, Director, Product Marketing, and Jason Mlyniec, Customer Success Manager, Coveo
  • Sapere Aude: How Building and Fostering Lifelong Learning Creates a Powerful Employee Culture, Chris Holm, Director, Global Support, Ellucian  
  • From Baby Boomer to Gen Z: What are the Next Steps as the Job Market Tightens?, Cindie Smith, Director, Support Services Research, TSIA

The push to automate is changing roles and how we do our jobs. Coupled with that, we now have different generations joining the workforce who have significantly different technology skill sets. When technology fails, we will fall back to service employees, and the “personal” aspect of relationships will become even more important to business success. How will we motivate, re-train, and encourage employees to continue to be curious and function through the amount of constant disruption and change they are about to encounter?

Join us for this three-hour virtual summit as we discuss:

  • Creating and effectively measuring a powerful culture of employee loyalty 
  • Creating an employee loyalty program to drive business success
  • Support skills management and training
  • New and innovative recruiting and professional development practices that are being implemented within companies
  • What companies are doing to identify, invest in, groom, and mentor their next-generation leaders
  • How to motivate re-train, and encourage employees through the change and disruption caused by automation

Today’s technology and services leadership will need to maintain a strong focus on employees, their engagement, their emotional connection to the company, their overall curiosity, and their drive to be engaged with customers in a meaningful way. Emphasis on automation is a significant driver, but continuing to focus, and in some cases re-focus, on employees is vital. 

For those in support, it is not unusual to experience high attrition. A majority of the attrition is voluntary, and it’s due to monotonous tasks that are boring and lack true value. But now other areas of the business are seeing rising attrition rates and finding recruiting more challenging than ever before. Driving high employee engagement through creation of interesting work that challenges and rewards employees is beyond necessary for the entire enterprise. Technology companies are facing a critical supply-and-demand problem for skilled employees looking for long-term career options.

This virtual summit will include TSIA research, member stories, and in-depth examples of how leadership can continue to find ways to incorporate employees into the higher-level success of the company and build a winning culture for both employees and ultimately for customers.

Sponsored By:

  • Coveo 

Presented By:

Judith Platz

VP, Support Services Research, TSIA

John Ragsdale

Distinguished VP, Service Technology Research, TSIA

Publish Date: March 28, 2019