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The Mid-Market Matters: Why Companies Must Rethink Customer Segmentation

For years, businesses have been focusing nearly all of their attention on keeping their enterprise customers happy. Since these relationships make up the majority of the typical revenue stream, this strategy would seem to make the most sense, right?

Well, it’s time to reconsider that philosophy. While your largest customers are indeed important, you are doing your organization a major disservice (and losing out on profitable future growth opportunities) by not building more sustainable relationships with your mid-market customers.

Register today to listen to the on-demand webinar, “The Mid-Market Matters: Why Companies Must Rethink Customer Segmentation.” Chad Lyne, senior vice president of Strategy and Corporate Development with ServiceSource, and Phil Nanus, vice president, Customer Success Research at TSIA, will show you why rethinking your customer segmentation strategy will equip you to grow closer to all of your customers-not just the biggest ones-and lead to higher ROI.


Presented By:

Phil Nanus

VP Research, Customer Success, TSIA

Chad Lyne

Senior Vice President of Strategy and Corporate Development, ServiceSource

Publish Date: July 17, 2018