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The Converging World of Professional Services

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Organizational convergence. It’s clearly the hottest topic in 2017 so far, and the subject of many TSIA research papers to come. But a lot of the organizational models we’re proposing are more aspirational than actual.

What’s more, there are arguably still more questions than answers, especially for the more mature organizations like professional services.

In this 30-minute on-demand webinar, Bo Di Muccio, TSIA’s VP of Research, Professional Services, will shed light on some of the most discussed topics among the top professional services leaders in the industry:

• How is industry transformation affecting the professional services org structure?
• How can professional services shift from tech as an asset to tech as a service?
• When does it make sense for professional services to remain independent?
• What organizational capabilities are converging with other service lines?
• What’s working, and what’s not?

Presented By:

Bo DiMuccio

VP Research, Professional Services, TSIA

Publish Date: May 12, 2017