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The 2017 State of Professional Services Revealed: Best Practices of Highly Successful PS Organizatio

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The top trends and service business challenges impacting professional services have been identified, and one thing is clear — change remains a constant as we take on 2017.

Professional service organizations continue to face opportunities and challenges associated with working on larger and more complex implementations. Ultimately, what is separating the high-performers from the low-performers is how capable they are at navigating this change to consistently produce desired outcomes.

Listen to this this 30-minute on-demand webinar revealing key insights that can position your organization for scalable and profitable growth. You will learn:

  • What successful PS organizations are focused on in 2017 to stay ahead
  • How to strengthen processes to deliver higher performance, including best practices in resource management and delivery of new services offers
  • How to apply technology to help fuel rapid learning and maturation