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On Demand Webinar

Setting the Expectations for Selling SaaS

Companies in every facet of the technology industry are trying to transform and optimize their selling motions for subscription offers. However, they don’t often know what to expect when they start this journey. TSIA has worked with dozens of member companies who have made this transformation.

During this 45-minute webinar, we will give you a preview of what really happens during SaaS sales transformations and how you can accelerate your own changes and avoid common mistakes.

Topics will include:

  • What happens to revenues when you go to a SaaS subscription model?
  • How is subscription more than just a payment structure?
  • Why do subscription models fuel higher growth rates?
  • How do we optimize revenue throughout the customer lifecycle?

Presented By:

Steve Frost

VP & Managing Director, Revenue Research and Advisory,, TSIA

Publish Date: September 15, 2021