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On Demand Webinar

Resource Management: Forecasting Utilization and Revenue

Like many professional services firms, Medidata Solutions had unique requirements for scheduling and managing resources on projects, and they knew they needed reliable and accurate forecasts of when project resources would be required to support those projects. In 2016, the company began leveraging the core reporting, backlog, and billable utilization features in FinancialForce to manage its professional services team.

Native to the Salesforce Platform, FinancialForce offers the flexibility to accommodate client-specific needs. Taking advantage of this flexibility, CLD Partners designed and delivered a solution that allowed Medidata to define both automatic and specific scheduling procedures that could be repurposed for similar projects. The solution also included a way for Medidata to generate forecast records, and review and submit these on a monthly basis.

In this on-demand webinar, you will hear from Medidata and CLD Partners as they describe and share:


  1. Use cases and challenges around resource management as well as utilization and revenue forecasting.
  2. How Medidata implemented a flexible and scalable solution.
  3. Benefits for executives and broader teams delivered by this unique solution.


Presented By:


Global Solution Evangelist - PSA, FinancialForce


Senior Business Process Manager, Medidata Solutions


Solution Architect and Senior Project Manager, CLD Partners

Publish Date: March 7, 2019