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PSA in 2015: Top 3 Trends That Are Changing the PSA Playbook

What's on tap for the biggest Professional Services Automation (PSA) trends of 2015? In the ever-evolving world of Professional Services, more and more Professional Services Organizations (PSOs) are looking to a PSA solution to help them manage their business. But is it doing enough? To stay competitive, It's time to make sure your PSA solution is on par with Today's innovations and trends. For PSA - mobility, collaboration and capacity planning - are assuredly at the forefront. When you have these pieces in your PSA puzzle, you can manage your services business better, calculate future resource demands smarter, and bring your teams and departments closer - must-haves for success.

Listen to John Ragsdale, VP Research, Technology and Social at TSIA and Doug Tilley, General Manager of Professional Services Automation at as they discuss these top trends in PSA and why your PSO needs to be ahead of the curve to achieve success and profitability in 2015.

The focus will be on:

  • Mobility - how to make swift decisions from anywhere, manage time sheets, submit expenses, and share critical information across time zones - all on the go.
  • Collaboration - how to get better oversight on capacity, backlog and skills availability by sharing information across departments and using the right tools.
  • Capacity Planning & Talent Management - how to make better staffing decisions based on forward looking data and skill-sets by sharing data and collaborating with Sales teams and other departments.

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Presented By:

John Ragsdale

VP Research, Technology and Social, TSIA

Doug Tilley

General Manager of Professional Services Automation,

Publish Date: April 16, 2015