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Overcoming the Roadblocks to Self-Service Success

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Focus on improving self-service is at an all-time high, with good reason: self-service is less expensive than other forms of support, customers prefer it, and when you get it right, satisfaction and loyalty rise. But, is your self-service portal or online community still making it too hard for customers? Unfortunately, delivering a great self-service experience remains a vision unfulfilled for most companies.

Listen to TSIA's VP Research, Customer Success & Support Services Judith Platz and Coveo's VP of Customer Success Jen MacIntosh for a best practices webinar that analyzes:

  • Why so many self-service programs fail, and what it takes to create a winning self-service strategy (hint: people, process & technology)
  • How advances in contextual search and cloud-powered machine learning make self-service more effortless for your customers -- and your team
  • How you can automatically learn from your customers to always deliver the most relevant answer for everyone, without manual effort

Don't let roadblocks like information silos, ever-changing content, and past project failures stand in the way of delivering the self-service experience your customers deserve. Listen to this On-Demand webinar and find out what it takes to create and sustain self-service success.

Presented By:

Judith Platz

VP Research, Customer Success and Support Services, TSIA

Jennifer MacIntosh

Vice President of Customer Success, Coveo

Publish Date: March 9, 2016