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Moving From Hardware to Hardware + Software + Services

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As companies increasingly shift from providing hardware to providing a broader solution that includes hardware, software, and services, executive teams are faced with a broad array of strategic and operational challenges. Some providers have managed through those challenges well, while others have struggled. And many more are in the midst of this transition.

In this 30-minute On-Demand webinar, Julia Stegman, TSIA's VP of Research, Service Revenue Generation and Neil Jain, Partner, Waterstone Management Group will:

  • Highlight some of the key benefits from making this transition
  • Discuss challenges that companies are working to overcome
  • Present an approach for every company to start thinking through as to what a transition like this could mean for them.

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Presented By:

Julia Stegman

Vice President of Research, Service Revenue Generation, TSIA

Neil Jain

Partner, Waterstone Management Group LLC

Publish Date: July 15, 2016