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Managed Services Pulse Session: TSIA Managed Services Trend Analysis

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Managed services (MS) continues to be the fastest growing line of service in the tech industry. With so much growth and activity, it is crucial to understand critical metrics and key performance indicators as well as how figures evolve over time.

To track those metrics, TSIA’s comprehensive MS benchmark survey has collected data from over 50 hardware, software, and non-OEM member companies on:

  • Total Recurring Revenue Growth
  • Top-Line (Net New) Revenue Growth
  • Total Contract Value Bookings Growth
  • Gross Margin
  • Net Margin (Operating Income)
  • Revenue Renewal Rate
  • Contract Renewal Rate

In this 30-minute webinar, George Humphrey, VP Research, Managed Services will take a deeper dive into that data at both an industry level and by peer group, as well as provide an update on the top metrics every MSP should measure, how they compare by industry, and how they have evolved over the past year.

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Presented By:

George Humphrey

VP Research, Managed Services, TSIA

Publish Date: August 4, 2016