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Managed Services and the Unavoidable Pull Toward XaaS

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Markets evolve, buying behaviors change, and the mantra of most tech companies is, "we must move to the cloud!" However, as the old sayings hold true, "haste makes waste" and "only fools rush in."

TSIA's most recent book, Technology as a Service Playbook: How to Grow a Profitable Subscription Business, argues that managed services is a critical first step toward being profitable in the cloud economy.

In this 30-minute On-Demand webinar, George Humphrey, TSIA's VP of Research, Managed Services, will analyze the financial performance of three segments of the tech industry and answer:

  • What's growing, what's shrinking and what's happening to profit for the top 50 technology and services companies.
  • Why the top 40 cloud companies are experiencing high growth and no profit.
  • Which practices in managed services have a direct impact on growth and profit.

TSIA's benchmark data indicates there is a major intersection between XaaS and managed services, which is one of the few profitable growth segments of the technology industry. Register and get the data first-hand!

Presented By:

George Humphrey

VP Research, Managed Services, TSIA

Publish Date: October 28, 2016