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Key Considerations to Launch and Grow a Managed Services Business

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After the heyday of the ASP model in the 1990's, Managed Services (MS) is re-emerging as a top priority for many technology companies. A perfect storm of customer demand, technology / cloud evolution, and competitive dynamics have put Managed Services back in the spotlight.

Growing a Managed Services business in a traditional technology product company can be challenging. Executives need to focus on the following elements to successfully grow and scale their MS business:

  • Clearly defining the MS offering, its associated value proposition and pricing;
  • Enhancing the selling and go-to-market model for MS;
  • Building an integrated Services Delivery function that leverages existing capability but supports unique MS needs; and
  • Establishing an appropriate operating and governance framework to manage MS as an P&L.

In addition, technology executives must increasingly refine their operating model to encourage customer adoption and satisfaction. Emphasis on customer lifetime value necessitates new customer success capability, improved analytics, and digital engagement.

Join TSIA and Waterstone Management Group as we explore some of these key dynamics, sharing insights from our collective experience and research working with technology companies on profitably growing MS businesses.

Presented By:

George Humphrey

Senior Director, Research, Managed Services, TSIA

Dhaval Moogimane

Partner, Waterstone Management Group LLC

Neil Jain

Partner, Waterstone Management Group LLC

Publish Date: August 28, 2014