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Is Customer Effort Score the new NPS?

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According to the CEB (Corporate Executive Board), "96% of customers reporting high-effort experiences are becoming more disloyal in the future, compared with only 9% of those with low-effort experiences".

High effort leads to low customer loyalty. When customers are left without adequate support and they expend a lot of effort bouncing between channels, there is a fair chance you won't be able to maintain their loyalty. Today, companies can reduce customer effort and measure the positive effect on brand loyalty, advocacy and revenues.

Listen to this 30-minute On-Demand webinar to learn:

  • Ways companies are measuring Customer Effort Score (CES) today
  • How reducing customer effort leads to customer retention, loyalty and advocacy
  • The role of customer journey analytics in understanding customer effort
  • How you can use technology to reduce customer effort in customer support interactions
  • Success stories from brands focusing on reducing customer effort, and their resulting returns

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Presented By:

John Ragsdale

VP Research, Technology and Social, TSIA

Alex Poulos

Vice President of Marketing, Support.com

Publish Date: March 24, 2016