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iPads at Work: How McKinley Greatly Increased Service Revenue

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Field service technicians. They are, by definition, your most mobile employees, and in many cases your most visible as well. So when you really want to impress your best customers with your cutting edge service you send them onsite with...a clipboard?

Growth-oriented, competitive service organizations are thinking differently when it comes to the mobile device with which they choose to equip their service technicians. These companies are deploying mobility to capitalize on:

  • technician productivity gains
  • reduced costs
  • competitive edge that helps deliver flawless field service

Join John Ragsdale, VP, Technology and Social Research - TSIA and ServiceMax VP of Marketing, Stacey Epstein to hear how Apple's iPad continues to gain momentum in field service. Joining them will be Kevin Rusin, CFO of McKinley Equipment Corp., whose use of ServiceMax Mobile for iPad is helping his organization outperform the competition. Don't miss your chance to hear about this real-world use of the iPad at work!