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Inside Managed Services Maturity Models

Managed services businesses are quickly evolving and leading the charge across the industry to develop capabilities that focus more and more on customer outcomes and their realization of the promised value of the underlying technologies.

However, as we grow our capabilities and businesses, the data is clearly showing that winners and losers are behaving differently (practices) and seeing far different results (metrics) because of these behaviors.

Thus, what is the maturity of your managed services business and how can insights from our recent research help guide you to the winner's circle?

Join Jeff Connolly, Senior Director, Managed Services Research, where he will examine Maturity Models in managed services practices that can help guide your path to growth and answer questions like:

  • What are the key capabilities that differentiate today's winners from losers?
  • What maturity path is right for my business?
  • How are less successful businesses adapting and transforming to change their trajectory?
  • Based on the current maturity of my business, what are the top plays that I can run to improve performance?


Presented By:

Jeff Connolly

Sr. Director, Managed Services Research, TSIA

Publish Date: June 2, 2021