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How to Identify, Score, and Monitor Your Social Customers

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Does your company have a Social Engagement Rating for your customers? If so, is it actionable?

The more traditional “would you recommend us?” question isn’t enough in today’s disruptive world. Customers who are promoters or detractors of your brand on social media can have a much bigger impact on your image and future ability to sell.

The challenge is that most social promoter programs are very consumer-oriented, and do not focus on social streams specific to B2B customers and enterprise support. TSIA has a solution for this.

Listen to Judith Platz, TSIA’s VP Research, Support Services, as she shares TSIA’s newly developed Social Engagement Rating methodology, which is specific to enterprise support.

You can use this scoring system to:

  • Understand which customers have the potential to impact your brand
  • Influence highly engaged customers in a positive way
  • Identify areas of high effort for customers and take corrective action

Whether you’re actively supporting customers via social media channels, or just listening for trends and sentiment, this session is for you.

Having an engagement strategy on which channels and social activities to monitor, and how to score them to identify social promoters–and detractors –is critical. It allows you to identify influential customers who can help you build your social brand, as well as understand which customers have the propensity to broadcast your problems to millions of listeners.

John Ragsdale, TSIA’s VP Research, Technology and Social, will be joining Judith for a live Q&A.

Presented By:

Judith Platz

VP Research, Support Services, TSIA

John Ragsdale

VP Research, Technology and Social, TSIA

Publish Date: August 17, 2017