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On Demand Webinar

How Support Services can Safely Help Sales, Their Customers, and Themselves Too

Support services leaders may have an instinctively negative reaction when they are presented with the idea of engaging their teams in sales-related activities. However, TSIA believes (and our member companies have shown) that support teams can indeed help the sales process without compromising their status as trusted advisor. In fact, doing so represents a real opportunity to provide substantial value for your company, your customers, and your support organization.

Join Judith Platz and Steve Frost for this interactive 30 minute session, with 15 minutes of Q&A, and learn more about why “Helping Will Sell. Selling Won’t Help.”

In this webinar, we’ll cover topics like:

  • Why support services assisting sales is actually good for your company
  • How customers benefit from the sales/support services synergy
  • Actionable takeaways to implement with your own team
Being linked to revenue can lift the perception of support within your company and tie your team more tightly to your company’s strategic priorities. Finally, it’s good for your customers. Your team exists to solve their problems. In many cases, an expanded use of your offerings may be just what the customer needs to get that done, even if that might cost a little more money.

Support teams’ interactions with customers are frequent and valuable, and the data generated from those actions is a diamond in the rough. By engaging in the practices suggested in this webinar, you can generate hundreds of thousands, or even millions, of dollars’ worth of qualified pipeline for almost no incremental cost


Presented By:

Judith Platz

VP, Support Services Research, TSIA

Steve Frost

VP, Expand Selling Research, TSIA

Publish Date: December 6, 2019