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How Customer Success is Transforming the Enterprise

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The Customer Success movement has taken the SaaS community by storm, as early and growth-stage companies are building retention-oriented best practices into their company culture, org charts, and boardrooms. But the largest companies in the world are also embracing Customer Success and are transforming their operations from the traditional Account Management mindset. Listen to TSIA President JB Wood and Gainsight Chief Customer Officer Dan Steinman as they explore how enterprises are embracing Customer Success methodologies in order to:

  • Reduce unexpected churn by taking a data-driven approach to product adoption, customer satisfaction, and other indicators of customer health.
  • Identify up-sell and cross-sell opportunities across products and customer segments to drive incredible revenue growth.
  • Mobilize advocates within the customer base to drive net new referrals, product feedback, and sales references.

Leading enterprises understand the value that Customer Success brings to the lifetime revenue relationship with your customers. don't miss this opportunity to learn how!

Presented By:

J.B. Wood

President and CEO, TSIA

Dan Steinman

Chief Customer Officer, Gainsight

Publish Date: April 24, 2015