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Five Key Practices of a Successful MSP On Demand Webinar

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For 18 months now TSIA has been gathering data on the performance of dozens of managed service providers in the industry. At TSIA much of our research focuses on drawing a correlation between the practices MSPs employ and the results they see against these KPIs. we've also spoken with top services executives from over 120 different companies discussing the challenges they face in their managed services businesses and how they overcome them. The data we've gathered targets several key performance indicators such as:

  • revenue growth
  • revenue renewal
  • profitability
  • client satisfaction

During this TSIA member only managed services On-Demand webinar, based on a TSIA Service Insight Paper, we will examine all the views of these different executives and the data from the TSIA managed services benchmark study into a simplified view of five practices employed by some of the most successful managed service providers in the industry. Register for this On-Demand webinar now!

Presented By:

George Humphrey

Senior Director, Research, Managed Services, TSIA

Publish Date: April 2, 2014