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February 2014 TSIA Pulse Session - Managed Services

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The market for managed services continues to heat up as we see more and more companies looking to invest in managed services as a key part of their growth strategy. At the TSW Services Transformation conference back in October 2013, TSIA launched B4B - Business for Business. The groundbreaking book by JB Wood, Thomas Lah and Todd Hewlin introduced the concept of the next major transformation of the technology industry. Managed Services are seen by many as aiding in the transition of many companies from being a Level 1 or Level 2 provider to an outcome-based Level 3 provider.

In this On-Demand Managed Services Industry Pulse session, George Humphrey, Senior Director of Research and Advisory for TSIA will provide an update to how the managed services discipline at TSIA is evolving and what this technology transformation means for companies eyeing the introduction of their own managed services offerings.

You'll also learn how to participate as a member of TSIA, the leading association focused on building and optimizing successful technology service businesses.