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Expand Selling Pulse Session: Sales and Services Collaboration to Grow Customers

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The concept of expand selling is quickly taking root in the technology industry as companies work to accelerate revenue growth, and do so cost effectively. TSIA's recent research is revealing some important insights that point the way to the future of expand selling. At its core is the need for sales, services, and customer success functions to collaborate to achieve expand selling success. We also see marketing playing an important role as well.

Listen to Mark Middlekamp, VP of Research for Expand Selling, as he shares some of TSIA's research findings and insights on expand selling and the critical need for cross-functional collaboration.

In this 30-minute On-Demand webinar, Mark will address elements of expand selling, including:

  • The current state of cross-functional collaboration
  • What functions and roles currently focus on expand selling
  • Anticipated changes in what functions will take on more expand selling responsibility in the future
  • The current state of marketing and predictive analytics for expand selling
  • Recommendations for the path forward

You'll also learn how to participate as a member of TSIA, the leading association focused on building and optimizing successful technology businesses.

Come prepared to join TSIA as we continue to explore the exciting area of expand selling and what it means for your technology services business.

Presented By:

Mark Middlekamp

VP Research, Expand Selling, TSIA

Publish Date: June 19, 2015