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Expand Selling Practices in Action: Cisco Case Study

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If distributors and resellers are intrinsic to your business, then helping them succeed is essential. They've got to work faster, sell smarter and master the art of timing to make their numbers month in and month out. But in the high-volume world of service agreements, the reality is that speed, intelligence and timing don't always come together. With thousands of contracts expiring each month for a single customer, It's up to manufacturers to enable the channel with the tools they need to get a handle on every sales opportunity -- large and small -- in order to generate more service revenue.

Innovators in service revenue generation are proving that data-driven automation offers the best way to accelerate revenue, increase customer and partner satisfaction, and reduce operating cost and effort. The end result is greater visibility for providers and their ecosystem, increased revenues, and processes for attaching and renewing service agreements that open the door to additional product sales.

During this business and technology-focused discussion, John Richard at Cisco will provide insight into Cisco's innovative approach to next-generation service sales. As a leader in this highly specialized area, Scott Herron will share his expert knowledge about integrating disparate data sources, providing visibility across the value chain and automating processes to deliver a consistent, repeatable experience. Together they will also explain how manufacturers can work in lock step with their distribution partners to create a winning outcome, resulting in increased revenues at higher margins.

Presented By:

John Ragsdale

VP Research, Technology and Social, TSIA

Scott Herron

CEO, MaintenanceNet

John Richard

Director of Americas Distribution Service Sales, Cisco

Publish Date: May 21, 2015