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Enabling the Journey from Reactive to Predictive to Proactive Support

There are many benefits to moving from reactive to predictive to proactive support. Integrating data analytics into the business process enables support organizations to predict future behavior and run prescriptive plays, which can lead to cost savings, better operational performance, and more satisfied customers. But how and where do you start on this transformational journey?

In this 2.5-hour virtual summit, you’ll hear from industry experts as they share best practices and guidance on how to move from reactive to predictive to proactive support and ultimately improve customer business outcomes.

Key discussion topics will include:

  • How to incorporate data analytics into support services
  • Real-world examples of reactive, predictive, and proactive support
  • TSIA’s framework for analytic feature progression
  • Moving to proactive/prescriptive support enablers


Introduction | Vele Galovski, VP, Support and Field Services Research, TSIA

Sysmex Achieves Quick Service Wins with AI | Adan Deroche, Customer Care Systems & Technical Consulting Director and Pete Tregarthen, Customer Care Systems Sr. Manager, Sysmex America, Inc.

Sysmex America, Inc. knew they needed to shift their service model to drive faster, more accurate service resolution. To reach those goals, the team needed AI-powered technology and turned to an outside vendor specializing in AI tools for the service industry (instead of building a solution in-house) in order to benefit from a quick time to value. In the session, they'll discuss:

  • How to plan an AI project that earns quick wins and ROI
  • Ways to avoid hidden costs and resources required for a successful AI deployment
  • How to find AI solutions that empower the entire workforce to solve difficult service challenges

Digitalizing Service at Elekta to Improve Customer Outcomes in Unprecedented Times: Turning Crisis Management into Micromanagement | Paul Bergström, Executive Vice President, Global Services, Elekta

The Covid-19 pandemic disrupted global supply chains and substantially restricted Elekta’s ability to perform on-site maintenance and repair of precision radiation medicine equipment for cancer treatment.

Without the digital platform approach, we not only would have incurred higher business costs, but would have had significant service-related blind spots. These blind spots would have limited our ability to provide service to customers as they worked to deliver timely, effective cancer care while operating under pandemic-related restrictions.

To this end, we focused on how to best maximize customer outcomes and minimize the impact of the pandemic by leveraging various data-related initiatives – such as the use of automated systems and artificial intelligence – that helped customers ensure maximum up time.

In short: the pandemic is pressure testing our service digitalization journey, and makes us turn crisis management into micro management going from reactive to proactive to predictive

Moving from Reactive to Proactive Support at Qlik: Earning the Customer Desire to Renew Their SaaS Subscription | Daniel Coullet, Vice President, Global Support and Courtney Cromley, Director, Global Support Delivery Americas, Qlik

  • Overview of Qlik’s pragmatic, company-wide application of data and analytics to achieve business results
  • As part of our transformation to SaaS, how Global Support can deliver value to the customer journey to earn the right for the customer to renew
  • How did we change the mindset of the organization team members towards adoption and value?
  • How problem management helped Global Support become predictive?

Transition to Proactive Global Support:

  • Introduction of AI to minimize customer escalations
  • How cohort monitoring and Early Warning System can position Global Support as a Customer Value organization

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Presented By:

Vele Galovski

VP, Support and Field Services Research, TSIA

Publish Date: September 30, 2020