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On Demand Webinar

Education Subscription Offers: Knock-Knock Who's There?

Subscription offers are like a box of doorknobs – everybody has one, but they all look different. However, despite these differences in appearance, each doorknob still successfully opens the door when there’s a knock-knock. That’s because the mechanism for a doorknob to work; a pair of knobs, a spindle, a latch and a strike plate, is consistent across all doorknobs. The same is true for a subscription. No matter how the subscription looks, there are certain mechanisms that, if in place, make it work.

If you want answers to who’s knocking at the subscription door, join Maria Manning-Chapman for this 30-minute webinar where she will answer several important questions, including:

  • What are the mechanisms, or standard practices, that should be in place for an education subscription offer?
  • Beyond the mechanisms, what are other important considerations to ensure ongoing success of an education subscription?
  • What is most commonly included in an education subscription?
  • What approach is used for establishing subscription pricing?

These and many other questions were asked in the recent TSIA Education Services Pricing Survey and Maria will offer a sneak peek of best practices and benchmarks for your education services team.

Register even if you can’t attend, and we’ll send you the recorded presentation.


Presented By:

Maria Manning-Chapman

VP Research, Education Services, TSIA

Publish Date: December 14, 2018