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Driving Customer Success with Social PSA

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Leading edge technology companies are reinventing their relationship with the customer by putting them at the center of every interaction, and recognizing the importance of the lifetime value. Now more than ever, it's important to realize the critical role your professional services organization needs to play at every stage of customer engagement to drive customer success. They are the first services organization to connect with customers during initial implementation, and they remain engaged to drive adoption and value realization from your solution. Therefore, your professional services team needs to set the standard for customer collaboration and should be an active part of your social strategy.

Listen to John Ragsdale, VP Research, Technology and Social at TSIA and Lori Ellsworth, GM, PSA Applications at FinancialForce during this information-packed session on how to optimize your professional services organization to drive customer success. You'll learn:

  • Key trends in how social interaction is changing the customer relationship
  • How social strategy can be a differentiator for your professional services organization
  • How to leverage PSA to drive your social strategy and differentiate your offering

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