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Customer Effort: How to Drive the Experience Your Customers Expect

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Support organizations must do more to understand the overall customer experience and how to improve it, particularly for support interactions.
A consistent message from TSIA continues to be that members need to measure and reduce customer effort. Customer effort is defined as the amount of effort that customers must expend to do business with, or get support from, a company.
TSIA research confirms that the organizations who measure customer effort have higher loyalty and higher overall customer satisfaction. Reducing customer effort is key to driving the customer experience your customers want. 
Listen to Judith Platz, VP Research, Customer Success and Support during this 30-minute On-Demand webinar during which she will share key practices and metrics for measuring customer effort including:

  • Ways TSIA member companies are measuring Customer Effort Score (CES) today
  • How reducing customer effort will grow loyalty
  • How to move toward customer effort measurement with little effort on the part of your organization
  • How to stop transferring your internal processes onto the customer experience journey
  • How asking one question can drive the most process change in your support organization

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Presented By:

Judith Platz

VP Research, Customer Success and Support Services, TSIA

Publish Date: August 26, 2016