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Crossing the Project Management Chasm 2016

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For many professional services (PS) organizations, one of the key chasms to be crossed has to do with project management. The PS function itself might passionately understand the value that their project management skills can bring to client engagements, but it has yet to develop a value proposition sufficient to consistently sell PM with other project delivery activities. Without that business case, PM capabilities can languish in a self-reinforcing cycle of underdevelopment and underinvestment.

TSIA believes that one of the root causes of this chasm has been the lack of industry project performance data with sufficient specificity and depth to help PS businesses make a better case that customers should include project management when they buy professional services from technology vendors. The TSIA 2016 Project Performance Study closes this gap using our vast storehouse of data on project performance.

In this 30-minute webinar, we'll share some of the best business case data points from the study so you can:

  • Fully understand the importance of selling project management with professional services
  • Develop a project management value proposition
  • Create a business case to cross the project management chasm

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Presented By:

Bo Di Muccio

VP Research, Professional Services, TSIA

James Cho

Director Research, Professional Services & Operational Best Practices, TSIA

Publish Date: July 22, 2016