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Boost Productivity and Profits with Field Service Metrics

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There's no shortage of numbers field service leaders can track. But which metrics have the potential to be the most impactful to your service organization?

ServiceMax has identified the top 5 field service power metrics that executives need to know, and on this On-Demand webinar, we'll dive into these "Field Service Power Metrics." In this On-Demand webinar you'll get the chance to:

  • Learn about each challenging metric
  • Discover what the leading cause is and how it impacts your organization
  • Measure them and what to do with the results
  • See how improvement can boost productivity and profitability

John Ragsdale from TSIA will discuss industry benchmarks and he will be joined by Melissa Morgan from ServiceMax, who will provide real world scenarios of organizations that have seen major success when identifying and addressing these 5 power metrics.

TSIA is well worth the investment. This is the one place where you can come and get a fusion of ideas that you can then marry up to the goals and objectives of your organization and boil that down into several actionable plans that you can implement over the next 6 months to a year.

Peg Rodarmel, SVP, Subscription Services, Infor

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