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Automating the Blocking and Tackling of Customer Success

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If you are in a viable market, you assuredly have worthy competitors with good products. The only way you can stand out is by ensuring your customers have an excellent experience. Customer Success Management is how you go about standardizing the customer experience you want all your customers to have – all the time.

The current Customer Success environment is rife with exciting machine learning technologies that provide real-time insights into customer health. TSIA partner, Bolstra, is taking another approach by looking at Customer Success as an agile series of activities and tasks that are delivered with consistency to ensure a standardized (and delightful) customer experience.

In this on-demand webinar TSIA’s VP Research, Technology & Social, John Ragsdale teams up with Bolstra’s VP of Product Marketing, John Warne to examine the current trends in Customer Success technologies and proffer an alternative view of how to approach the blocking and tackling that’s required to deliver a consistently valuable customer experience. You’ll walk away with:

  • A clear understanding of Bolstra’s Customer Success maturity model - along with a few questions for you to ponder about how mature your organization is at this time.
  • Suggestions for best practices around standardizing customer experiences using an agile work management approach.
  • Some ideas to consider as you vet a Customer Success Management platform.

Presented By:

John Ragsdale

VP Research, Technology and Social, TSIA

John Warne

VP of Product Marketing, Bolstra

Publish Date: August 17, 2017