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August 2015 TSIA Pulse Session: Education Services

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There may be times when no price is the best price, but a strategy must be put in place in order for this model to be successful. More and more frequently, Education Services organizations are grappling with the free-to-fee continuum.

Listen to Maria Manning-Chapman, VP of Research for Education Services, to learn the difference between a free offer and giving away training for free, as well as how free offers can help grow your education business. This informative 30-minute session will cover:

  • A free-to-fee continuum model
  • Three examples of how free offers can be leveraged to land education in an account
  • Tactics for how to expand the free offer to a fee-based offer

You’ll also learn how you can participate as a member of TSIA, the leading association focused on building and optimizing a successful technology services business.