Intelligent Search: The Killer App for Customer Support & KM

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Great companies empower their customers to self-serve, equip their support professionals to resolve cases with speed and precision, and build KM and KCS programs that reward contribution and collaboration. But many companies struggle to deliver in these areas. Usually, it's because the case-resolving information our customers and agents need doesn't reside in a single community, CRM, or knowledgebase, rather across many systems and applications. And without unified and swift access to this essential information, customer support suffers.

Listen to TSIA's John Ragsdale and Coveo's Jen MacIntosh during this 30-minute On-Demand webinar to learn how intelligent search can:

  • Deliver unified knowledge access that boosts self-service & case resolution
  • Transform customers & support professionals into knowledge managers, and make KM more effortless for them
  • Provide actionable analytics that reveal what info customers are looking for, where they struggle, and how to resolve it

Using recent TSIA research and real-world examples from companies including, Logitech and Zebra Technologies, this session is designed to help support innovators evaluate the potential power of search for their organizations.

Presented By

John Ragsdale
VP Research, Technology and Social

Jennifer MacIntosh
Vice President of Customer Success

Focus Areas Customer SuccessField Services

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Thursday, October 15th, 2015
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