7 Challenges Afflicting Services Teams Today with 7 Solutions in 30 Minutes

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Professional services teams are facing tough battles in today's world. Tightening profit margins, multiple projects, shifting priorities, and heavy workloads burden services teams from all over the globe. The result? Increased pressure to be more productive, have real-time visibility into all work, and offer customer service at the highest levels.

In an increasingly competitive environment, operational efficiency is critical to your team's success. Listen to Workfront and TSIA as they explore the 7 main challenges services teams are facing today (and 7 easy-to-implement solutions you can take back to the office):

  • Low visibility into your team's workload
  • Poor resource optimization
  • Ineffective communication
  • Lack of standardized processes
  • Inconsistent management methodologies
  • Difficulty managing stakeholder expectations
  • Disconnected tools

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