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5 Areas to Optimize Your PS Workflow to Ensure Profitability

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Businesses that deal with time and project based billing are seeing an increase in customer expectations, increased revenue leakage and a decrease in profit margins at an ever increasing rate. Ensuring your organization can accurately forecast projects, utilize resources efficiently and know exactly how a project is doing in real-time is now more important than ever. Yet, getting into the deep details of a singular project can leave your business siloed and unable to pull together the holistic view across your entire workflow to ensure it is fully optimized. This leads to over-billing or under-billing clients, which can damage a brand’s credibility and reputation, increase client churn, and reduce a business’s competitive edge.

Listen to this on-demand webinar and learn about:

  • Benefits of a unified system of record for work done
  • Importance of an execution framework around financials and delivery to improve profitability
  • Key areas to focus on to make your professional services organization strategic