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5 Actions for Growing Recurring Service Revenues in 2014

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As if 2013 wasn't challenging enough, we predict that 2014 will be the year where those of us responsible for service sales and marketing will go 80 with our hair on fire in order to keep pace with the transformation occurring within the technology industry. The good news is we have more opportunities than ever before to have a positive impact on our company's top-line revenues and bottom-line profitability.

Join Julia Stegman, VP of TSIA's Service Revenue Generation discipline, where TSIA will communicate five focus areas in 2014 to evolve and grow your recurring service revenues:

  • SHIFT from Cloud 1.0 to Cloud 2.0 business models.
  • EVOLVE from product-attached services to outcome-oriented services.
  • MIGRATE from a one-size-fits-all approach to effective service strategies in emerging markets.
  • INTENSIFY the optimization of recurring service revenues
  • TRANSFORM from retention to expand selling.

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