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B4B Success Tactics

Thomas Lah – Technology Services Industry Association (TSIA)




Panel: The Extreme Automation of Services


J.B. Wood – Technology Services Industry Association (TSIA)



Jeanne Beliveau-Dunn – Cisco Systems
Marco Bill-Peter – Red Hat, Inc.
Susan Zwinger – Oracle Corporation
Patrick Snow – EMC Corporation
Paul Mason – EMC Corporation



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Field and Support Services Keynote — Building a Culture of Extreme Customer Success

Marcus Bragg – Zendesk




Professional Services Keynote — B4B: How to Jump-start Your Journey with Your Professional Services Business

Nicolas Schobinger – SAP AG





Service Revenue Generation Keynote — Delivering Extreme Value with Packaged Services

Omid Razavi – SuccessFactors, an SAP Company


Service Revenue Generation Keynote — Co-Developing and Piloting New Outcome-Based Service Offerings

Randy Wootton –




How the Industrial Internet Will Transform Services

John Magee – GE Software





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