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TSW 2013 Service Transformations Videos

Keynote Videos


B4B: The Next Generation of Technology-Fueled, Data-Driven Operating Models

J.B. Wood – Technology Services Industry Association (TSIA)




Consequences of B4B

Thomas Lah – Technology Services Industry Association (TSIA)





Navigating B4B

Todd Hewlin – TCG Advisors




Focusing on Great Service Fuels Innovation

Graham Weston – Rackspace





Innovating Technology Services: It's No Longer the Status Quo

Charles Phillips – Infor Global Solutions




SAP's Transformation to Outcome-Based Service Offerings

Anand Eswaran – SAP





The Future of Service Sales

Nick Earle – Cisco Systems




The New Data Refineries: Transforming Big Data Into Decisions

Andreas Weigend – Social Data Lab




Other Conference Videos


TSW 2013 Service Transformations Wrap-up






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